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Data privacy:
With this statement, I undertake that in accordance with Article 18. paragraph 2. of the Personal Data Protection Act (Official Gazette, No. 106/12 – consolidated text) to maintain the confidentiality of all personal data to which I have the right and authority to access and which are contained in the collections of personal data maintained by the body/company where I am employed and that I will use the same personal data exclusively for a specific (prescribed) purpose.
I also undertake not to deliver/give personal data to which I have the right and authority to access or make them available to third (unauthorized) persons in any other way, and I undertake to maintain the confidentiality of the same personal data even after the termination of the authority to access personal data.
I am aware that any unauthorized disposal of personal data that I have the right to access in my work constitutes a violation of my work obligation.

Privacy statement
SKY COSMETICS doo respects your privacy and wants to provide you with a sense of security when using our websites and collecting your personal data. By using this website, you agree to the method of data collection and processing described in this statement and to the storage of cookies on your device/devices that enable the website to function properly. Through the website: it is possible to collect your personal data such as name and surname, home, business or e-mail address, telephone number, etc. By entering such data in the specified fields, you give your consent for their use for the purpose for which they were entered.

Collection and processing of personal data

SKY COSMETICS doo disposes of your data in order to provide you with more efficient customer service, to avoid unnecessary multiple data entries, and to adapt the website to your personal preferences and interests. In addition to the obligation to maintain confidentiality, SKY COSMETICS doo can use your data in exchange with reliable partners for specific and limited purposes such as enabling customer support or creating statistical analyses. The mentioned third party does not have permission to further process your data. SKY COSMETICS doo also informs you that you have the right to access your data, change it or withdraw your previously given consent for the processing of personal data. You can make changes by contacting SKY COSMETICS doo and submitting a request to:

Security of your personal data

SKY COSMETICS doo stores your data in a secure and controlled environment on its website, and protects it from unauthorized access and use. The data is kept for the period of time necessary for cooperation, that is, the provision of services provided by SKY COSMETICS doo. does.

Application of cookies
On the website the so-called cookies – text files placed on the user’s computer by the internet server used by the user.
The files are created when the browser on the user’s device loads the visited web destination, which then sends data to the browser and creates a text file (cookie). The browser retrieves and sends the file to the server of the network destination (site, page) when the user returns to it.
Cookies are used for the functioning of all website features and a better user experience, and they can be temporary (they are stored only during a visit to the website) or permanent (they remain stored on the user’s computer even after the visit).
The data that is collected includes the user’s IP address, information about the browser, language, operating system and other standard data that is collected and analyzed exclusively in anonymous and bulk form.

Preventing cookies
If you do not agree to their use, you can easily delete (or prevent) cookies on your device in the settings of the browser you are using. You can find more information about managing cookies on the pages of the browser you are using, but keep in mind that by preventing or deleting cookies, you may disable the functionality or cause a different operation and appearance of the website in your browser.

Terms and Conditions
We advise you to periodically check this page for updates, as SKY COSMETICS doo reserves the right to change this Statement and cookie policy in accordance with important events and current changes.
This Statement complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the European Union’s regulation on the protection of personal data. According to Article 32, the Agency for the Protection of Personal Data (AZOP) is responsible for all potential appeals regarding the confidentiality and preservation of personal data. of the Personal Data Protection Act (Official Gazette, No. 106/12. – consolidated text).

Contact information
For all doubts, questions, comments, suggestions and remarks, SKY COSMETICS doo invites you to contact